Funds raised by the Cottage Lake PTA go directly in to our school to supplement and enhance your child's school experience.  Here are some of the things the PTA has paid for:

  • Drums and marimbas for music classes
  • Mats, circus equipment, and lacrosse equipment for PE classes
  • Installation of the new sound system in the gym
  • Parent education classes
  • Playground equipment and repair
  • T-shirts for the track team
  • A defibrillator for the school
  • Equipment for special education classes, and equipment for our occupational therapist and physical therapist
  • Field trip admission costs
  • Rails to display kids artwork in the hallways
  • Yoga mats, yoga balls, and therapy balls
  • Classroom equipment such as text books, worm bins, a color printer, and cameras
  • Math club expenses
  • Owl pellets and 5th grade science kits
  • Computer for PTA secretary


We are so fortunate that Cottage Lake Elementary parents place a high value on education and have backed fundraising efforts and our PTA.  We look forward to your continued support!