Cottage Lake Elementary PTA

 Enrichment Classes


Policies related to CLE PTA Enrichment Classes are posted here.

Current/Upcoming Classes

Winter enrichment classes run from January 9th - March 24th, 2017.  On non-school days, enrichment classes don't run.  Registration closes on January 10th, 2017.

 Monday Classes

Sport Spectacular

Let’s Play! Sports Spectacular is a program that features different sports throughout the session. Participants will practice skills and play games in both traditional sports and playground favorites. The Sports Spectacular Variety Program features the best “to-do” list ever!

Mondays 3:50-4:50 in the Gym

All grades



Creative Writing

Students will spend time engaging in creative writing, in the form of poetry or short stories. At the end of the class, students will have a "published" collection of their work.

Mondays 3:50-4: 50 in the Library

Grades 2nd—6th

$80 PTA members $96 non-members


Min 6 Max 12

  Tuesday Classes


with Mad Science

Investigate how things work as we explore Fantastic Physics

Tuesdays 3:50-4:50 in the Cafeteria

10 classes $173

Grades 1st-6th Register:


Circus Club

Come learn a variety of circus acts with Mr. Darling. These will include unicycling, juggling, yo-yo, basic tumbling, and more.

Grades 1st-6th

Tuesdays 3:50-4:50 in the gym

$100 for PTA Members and $120 for non-members

Register at:

Min 6 Max 18

Wednesday Classes

Crafts Around the World with Trendy Crafts

Students will discover new cultures as they create unique treasures from a different country every week. As they craft, students will learn about the traditions and celebrations that inspired them. All materials provided.

Wednesdays 2:20-3:20 in Cafeteria

$165 10 classes All Grades

Register online:


Nets & Pads w/ Coach Bragg

Take turns playing volleyball and making movies on iPads. Older kids would have the opportunity to help teach the younger kids as well as working alone. Mentoring younger kids is great for confidence and helps with learning.

All Grades

Wednesday 2:20-3:50 90 minutes $150 for non-members $130 for PTA members

Register at:

Min 8 Max 24

Thursday Classes

Kicks & Tricks

Learn soccer basics as well as fun new tricks with Coach Bragg.

Thursdays 3:50-4:50 in the gym

All grades

$100 PTA members $120 non-members



Friday Classes

Keyboard Club w/ Musical Minds

Learn to play a favorite tune on an electronic keyboard.

Fridays 3:50-4:50 in the cafeteria

$175 for 10 classes All Grades

Register at:


Chess Club

Improve your chess with Chess 4 Life

Fridays 3:50-4:50 in the library


All grades